V2B Softphones and Iphone/Android Mobile App:

Category: GeneralPublished on 2020 Dec, 16

Now is the time to ask yourself whether your business has the proper technology in place that allows employees to work remotely.  

Using the V2B PC Softphone or Mobile App is an easy way of setting up a remote worker. The Softphone can be loaded on a laptop or home PC. The Mobile App can be loaded on any Apple or Android phone. The Softphone offers the option of using your laptop’s existing Wi-Fi and power, so it is not necessary to add cables for Ethernet and power connections. The softphone is best used with a headset.

The Mobile App can be used on Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connections and can be used to make/receive calls from your office extension, transfer calls internally or externally, and manage voicemails.

TDS Inc saves travel agency over $96,000 a year with new VoIP Phone System.

Wings Travel Group was paying over $10,000 a month and wanted a cost effective VoIP system that would increase their productivity and improve their customer service.

Our Doctors are pleased with the cost savings, but I, as the manager, am elated with TDS’ customer service. TDS has been proactive, not only during installation, but in helping to resolve any phone, data or internet issues. I know I can depend ...
Jeannine Lenhart
You are able to keep your phone numbers but the method will ...
TDS can be reached by calling 888-TDS-6282 or emailing servi...

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