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Category: GeneralPublished on 2020 Apr, 08

Did you know that there is a service that allows businesses to send faxes via e-mail? 

The email to fax feature enables users to send faxes to fax machines or an online fax number right to their email client or server. In other words,it is like sending a regular email but the recipient will get your email on their fax machine or online fax dashboard.

Fortunately for you, TDS Networks provides email to fax services to its customers. Email to fax makes internet faxing as easy as sending an email. Pick up the phone and dial 610-783-7005 to learn more.

TDS Inc saves travel agency over $96,000 a year with new VoIP Phone System.

Wings Travel Group was paying over $10,000 a month and wanted a cost effective VoIP system that would increase their productivity and improve their customer service.

I have been building a relationship with TDS over the past three years of my tenure at CTI. Their staff are knowledgeable and experienced in the installation and maintenance of Avaya phone systems. In particular, I worked with Carin Brizzi to build a...
Shirah Metzigian
TDS can be reached by calling 888-TDS-6282 or emailing servi...
Yes, TDS offers a virtual fax service that starts at $15/mon...

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