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Category: GeneralPublished on 2021 May, 05

Increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability with CX tools

Zendesk, Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, MS Dynamics – CRM, ERP and other BI Tools are becoming a bigger part of many customers' work tools because they help to increase efficiency, productivity and profitability.  Many of these cloud-based services offer integration into other platforms including voice and contact center. Selecting which services are best for you goes beyond price and focuses on value and flexibility.  Our product specialists can help you determine the best alternatives for your business and leverage these tools to improve your Customer’s Experience (CX)!

TDS Inc saves travel agency over $96,000 a year with new VoIP Phone System.

Wings Travel Group was paying over $10,000 a month and wanted a cost effective VoIP system that would increase their productivity and improve their customer service.

I love my Astra phones. I never miss a call...unless I don't answer it..You guys rock!!! Great Service!

Frank Raffa
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