Avaya has announced the End of Sale of the Nortel Norstar

Category: Industry NewsPublished on 2011 Dec, 15

The good news is Avaya is offering users the ability to migrate to the Avaya IP Office while still retaining the investment you already have in your telephones.

Re-deploy Your Nortel Phones on the Avaya IP Office:

With Avaya’sIP Office release 7.0, Nortel Norstar and BCM customers can now migrate existing hardware into Avaya's award-winning IP Office solution, re-using their familiar Nortel handsets. Because handsets represent a substantial amount of new phone system cost, this is a unprecedented opportunity for Nortel Norstar, BCM and Meridian customers to protect their Nortel investment while upgrading to a current and supported Avaya Phone System platform.

As your phone system ages, consider the cost of business disruption if your company's Nortel technology suddenly fails. Business's on legacy Nortel platforms risk the cost of paying for an expensive emergency repair. Perhaps more importantly, users of legacy Nortel systems also risk missing out on newer technology delivering efficiencies, productivity and cost-savings that can far outweigh the value of keeping an old system.

IP Office 7 supports Nortel phone migrations using the following handsets: T7000, T7100, T7208, T7316, T7316e, T7406e, 4135, 4145, 4145EX, 7420, 1120e, 1140e, 1220 & 1230. Also supported on IP Office 7: Meridian Norstar 824, Meridian Norstar 824, Meridian Norstar Modular 032, Meridian Compact Plus, Meridian Compact and the Norstar M7000, M7100, M7208, M7310 & M7324 phones.

For more information contact TDS at 888-TDS-6282 or email sales@tds-phone.com.

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